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[50prompts] "Forever."

Gabriel awoke with a start and nearly fell out of the bed as he did so. His eyes went first to the clock on the beside table, and when he saw that it was just after four am he groaned softly, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to will himself back to sleep. He didn’t know what it was that had made him wake up the way that he had, but it had to be something. If it had been a bad dream, he couldn’t remember it, and he didn’t care to remember it either. He flopped over, expecting to find his lover right there next to him, ready to have an arm draped over his waist, though there was no one there to be found.

He frowned slightly and sat up in the bed, glancing around the room and for a moment his blood ran cold. He couldn’t help it, he panicked because every day he feared that he would wake up and realise that he was alone. Completely alone. They had spoken about it so many time as the years went by. How in the end, all they would have was each other, but at least they would have that.

In some ways, he did consider himself lucky to have the other man. Well, in all ways really. He had been there for him when he had buried his wife, and then his son, and finally his daughters. He had always been a shoulder for him to cry on when he needed it; or a drinking partner if he needed that. They’d grown closer and closer over the years, and as neither of them wanted to have to go through the pain of losing the ones they loved most again, they found it was best not to love at all. Except each other, of course.

Perhaps it was a bit cynical of them both to think about it like that, but they couldn’t help it. Gabriel had lost who he knew had been his soul mate, and he didn’t want to be with anyone else he would have to lose. Peter had been smart, in a way, and thought about the fact that he would eventually lose that person, and decided not to love at all.

It had taken them years to find each other, and it had originally only been a night of desperation. One where they didn’t want to go out, but they were both in want of something. It all had started out as a joke too. Gabriel had given Peter a playful shove in the side and said that he’d probably just go for him if they didn’t go out the next day. “And besides,” he’d said. “Being with another man isn’t something I’ve tried before, and well, I might as well try it at some point. I’m going to be around for forever, and if I’m with women for forever, I’ll probably get sick of them.” At that point Peter had leaned over and kissed him, and out of sheer shock he had thrown the other man out the window using telekinesis.

Peter had of course been back in the room in an instant, though with a look on his face that seemed to be a mix of slightly confusion and disappointment. He hadn’t been angry though, no instead he had apologized for being too forward, and taking things too literally. Gabriel had shook his head though and gone up to him, wrapping his arms tightly around him and telling him that it was okay. That night had been the first that they had spent together sharing a bed. It wasn’t in a sexual way, not then at least, but it just felt good to both of them to hold someone that they loved.

He threw the covers off himself and got up, groaning as his body felt stiff, almost feeling his age for a moment as he got up. He managed though and made his way through the large, lofty apartment they shared, until he spotted Peter standing outside on the balcony in nothing but his boxers.

“Peter, just because we’re in Rome, and can’t literally freeze to death doesn’t mean that you should be standing outside in next to nothing,” he teased as he stepped outside to join him. He shivered at the slight breeze before he moved forward to slip his arms around his waist, and leaned down to press a soft kiss to his shoulder. A smack smile appeared on his face as Peter leaned back against him, though he didn’t say anything in reply to what he had said.

They were currently residing in Rome, but over the years they had moved around. When they had grown tired of America they had first gone to Paris at Gabriel’s request. They had spent years there, learning the language and living the French way of life; eating and enjoying good wine, and of course, each others company. They had to move eventually though, not because they had grown tired of the city of lights, but so that people didn’t get suspicious of them. They agreed that the maximum amount of years they would spend in one city would be twenty, and though sometimes it pained to move, it had to be done. They could always go back after all, at some point. After Paris they had gone to Australia, and then to Japan, and now they had come to Rome.

“Is there anything that you want to talk about?” Gabriel asked softly, the words were just whispered into his ear. As expected though, Peter just shook his head. He knew that he wouldn’t want to talk, if he did, he would come to him on his own.

“Alright, come on, let’s go back inside then,” he whispered, giving him a gentle pull, and thankfully he didn’t resist. He let himself be pulled inside and back to their bed.

Gabriel didn’t go back to sleep that night. Instead he stayed up the rest of the night, watching over the other, because even the strongest of people, the heroes, sometimes they needed to be protected.

((Peter Petrelli is yearsguilt, and is used with permission and love.))
Tags: comm: 50prompts, verse: cut up angels, what: drabble, who: peter petrelli
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