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fromheavencame's Journal

Gabriel Gray
3 April
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I wanted to be different. Special.

It is so futile.
And I wanted to be ... important.
Gabriel Gray was born on April 3, 1978, and to his knowledge, to Martin and Virginia Gray. When he was 5 years old, his father left the family, going out for cigarettes and never to return. This lead to Virginia being extremely overprotective of him, because she didn’t want him leaving her too, and because of this she sheltered him.

He grew up under her watchful eye, the only bad thing to ever happen to him being that he was bitten by a dog at age eight. He was rarely sick though, but his sheltered life left him friendless and alone as well.

After high school he took over his father’s timepiece restoration store, reopening it, and though less and less people actually used watches, he still kept a steady business that gave him enough money to live comfortably. His mother was never pleased with his choice of work, having hoped that he would go to college to be a lawyer or a doctor, or at least something of value as she would sometimes remark. What he did, she would say, was a hobby.

He wanted to be special his whole life. To be someone different than who he was. To be important. It didn’t seem that he was going to get his wish fulfilled though, until he met Chandra Suresh.
Open: Applies to all verses.

Canon: Canon is well, canon.

Across the Universe – In which Gabriel Gray is seeing Leonard ”Bones” McCoy (first_donoharm). After the crew of the Enterprise ended up accidentally in 2009, Gabriel Gray sought out to help them get back to where they once belonged as much as he could. Of course he couldn’t do much as he didn’t know about their technology, nor about what they needed for fuel, but he helped trying to integrate the crew into the society so they wouldn’t be confined to their ship the whole time. Leonard was resistant at first, but Gabriel coaxed him out to join him one night for a drink, and after that his fancy for the other man started to grow. He was rejected quite a few times, but he was persistent as he was sure he had seen some desire in the other man, and eventually the other broke. It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this? and then escalated into more, and when the Enterprise was to return to their time period; Gabriel refused to not come along, and Leonard refused to leave him behind.
UPDATE: After an extended period of time aboard the Enterprise, Gabriel worked as the Captain's yeoman, though his talents were in Engineering, where he was eventually sent. Not having the confidence that he could do it all right, and not mess anything up he decided to spend a year at the Starfleet academy, simply to get a brief year of teaching, and once the mission the Enterprise is currently on is finished, he may go back to the Academy to finish his education and become a full officer.
The future verse name for this verse is Down on the Farm, and that is set after their missions are completed, and Leonard decides he wants to retire to Georgia and buy back his family’s farm; bringing Gabriel and Jim* with him.

Simply Gray/Two Nerds and a Little Lady: These verses are primarily the same, though the tweaks are obviously different, and will be applied depending on to whom Gabriel is speaking. The main bit of the verse though is that when Gabriel was 19, his high school sweetheart Natalie Leroux (iwas_tooyoung) became pregnant. She didn’t want the child, but being raised catholic Gabriel was completely against abortion, and didn’t want to put the child up for adoption, because it was his child. The child, Molly (humanmapquest), was therefore raised by him.
In Simply Gray Gabriel raises her alone, until when she’s eight he meets Claire Bennet (its_notluck), and the two start to form a relationship, but take things slow along the way.
In Two Nerds and a Little Lady however, Gabriel had help in raising her from his best friend, and later boyfriend, Benjamin Hines (luckbenalady). He’s still, even after years, struggles with the relationship occasionally because of his upbringing, but he loves Ben, and they’re currently in search of a surrogate, as they want to give Molly a sibling.

Saints and Sinners: This is Gabriel third verse, and another that there is often made reference to. In this verse, Gabriel went as far as to kill Brian Davis, but before he could meet with Chandra Suresh again to show him the ability, he met Peter Petrelli (spongetastic). Peter was from another timeline, one where he knew Sylar, and knew all that Sylar had done, but there was something about him that compelled him to go out with Gabriel repeatedly, and the two started to slowly form a relationship. He also met a future version of himself (heroslayer), from who he learned everything that he was to do in the future, including killing Chandra Suresh and his own mother, and after he learned that, he decided that he wanted to change the outcome of the future, and turn things to the better.
He was captured by the government, lead by Danko who kept him locked up, breaking down his spirit by having a shape shifter pretend to be Peter telling him that he hated him, in hopes that he would snap and use his abilities. Before he could break his spirits completely though Peter, the real one, broke in and rescued him, making him his hero, and sealing the love.
At one point, Gabriel overheard Peter lusting for Sylar, and as he all along thought that Peter loved him for him, it was a hard blow, so hard that the same night he left him, moving to Paris where he had an interesting relationship with the future version of the man he loved (futurescars). Since then though they’ve made up, and have just moved back to New York, and they’re falling back into their old routines, but something they both want.

Star Crossed Lovers: In which Gabriel is dating Desmond Molloy (notaballad), and happy doing so. They’re an odd couple, Desmond being overly hyper (in a good way), messy, and all around a bit childish, and Gabriel being well…an adult, but they work well together. They’ve recently moved in together into a beautiful apartment, but a bump in the road has recently popped up. Desmond’s ex-fiancée showed up on their doorstep, and left a toddler, claiming that it was Desmond’s son and that it was time for him to take responsibility, though prior to that day, Desmond had no idea of its existence. They’re currently figuring out what exactly to do with the baby, since neither want to give it away, and the mother can’t afford it, but as they’re a gay couple, Gabriel worries that raising him together would be frowned upon, and he doesn’t want to have him taken away. They've decided to keep the the boy, Jackson Theodore (though both hate the name), and are going to together raise it as their son, and Gabriel has, unfairly he thinks, been put in charge of the dirty jobs. He loves Jack though, and sees him as his own son, especially since he called him 'Dada' first, and cries whenever he tries to leave.
He's also good friends with Desmond's twin brother, Jude (thatsamesadsong), and enjoys spending time with him. He can see himself in him, and they've bonded over that, and he also goes to him for advice when stick situations come up in his relationship. He worries about him though, and him ending up alone and all, and wishes that he could fix it some how, even though Jude claims he's alright. Therefore he tries to spend as much time with him as he can, and suggests that Desmond take him on trips and such, to make sure he doesn't feel lonely.

Hide and Seek: This is a verse where Gabriel is Sylar, and Sylar is Nathan Petrelli. It’s a mix of a spinoff of both Five Years Gone and I am Sylar/An invisible thread. Sylar has killed Nathan Petrelli and assumed his roll as politician, and eventually President. He’s adopted Molly Walker (humanmapquest), at first it was because he lusted for her power, though deep down it was also due to some feelings of remorse for what he had done to her parents. Also in part because he wanted to torture Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman, without actually hurting them. He married Claire Bennet (its_notluck), and the two have a child named Noah together, and she’s pregnant again, this time with a girl.
Claire was taken from him after he had been a bit too careless with who he killed, and the fact that he was slowly influencing Molly to be the same way he was, and the Haitian (youhas_nopowers) worried that he was doing the same to her, and would to their other children too. He took away her memories two, convincing her that Sylar had altered her mind so that they would be together and she would help him produce heirs, which was never something that he intended. He recently got her back, and are at the time currently struggling with trying to get her memory back, because part of her doesn’t know if she wants to remember, and that’s like a knife in his heart.
Claire remembered everything again after her trigger was found, her trigger being that Sylar's weirded out when you can see the baby moving, and flailed about it, saying that it was like the Twilight baby/the scene from Alien.

Mirror: In this verse Peter Petrelli (spongetastic) is what you could consider a villain. He gets off to torturing others, making them beg him, and all around being a bad guy. That was, until he met Gabriel. Gabriel is sweet, kind and gentle, and Peter was just going to play with him for a while, but the more time they spend together, the more he falls for him, and the more he wants to keep him safe from people like himself. Gabriel is oblivious to Peter’s bad side even though he’s had it thrust in his face on multiple occasions, but he refuses to believe that the man he loves is bad.

Time lord and his companion: This verse is mainly a verse in which the muns of Gabriel , that being myself, and the mun of Peter Petrelli (spongetastic) show what huge history nerds we are.
Gabriel and Peter travel together throughout time, seeking out great historical events that they’ve always wanted to witness, and now finally can. The hardest part of it is that they can’t interfere in things, but sometimes that proves to be just too difficult.

All verses are subject to change, and will be updated as the progress.
If you would like a verse with Gabriel, or just think the characters should interact in general, both mun and muse can be contacted here, and would love it.
I do not own Gabriel Gray, nor do I own Heroes. I would like to though, since they’ve severely messed up the character, but I guess that’s in part why I take it on me to write my own version of it. He belongs to Tim Kring and NBC though, so they can do what they want with him, even though I don’t agree with it. I don’t own Zachary Quinto, his PB either. The closest thing I come to that is my Sylar and Spock dolls action figures, and I’m content with that. Everything that I’ve written though, that is mine, so please don’t copy that and post it other places, because that would make me very sad.

Don’t sue either, because I don’t intend any harm with what I do, I’m just doing this for fun, to meet other people, and to practice my writing.

Previously watchmakersboy.

All icons credited to isntitbromantic are made by me, for me, unless given permission. Please respect this and ask before you take.
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